The Cohousing Association of the United States is a national nonprofit supporting cohousing communities in changing our world. Spreading the word about cohousing shifts the culture toward a new American dream where every home is surrounded by caring, collaborative neighbors who use less of the earth's resources while living an abundant life. Our mission is to advance cohousing by assisting forming and established communities and educating the public about the benefits of cohousing, from resource conservation to healthy families.

"What is Cohousing?" online conference 

January 24, 2021

9am-130pm Pacific, 12pm - 430pm Eastern

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Come learn about cohousing: why we love it, what it is and how it works. This event covers all the basics. It's perfect for new folks wanting to understand what exactly cohousing is and for anyone who would like to know more or get some more ideas for explaining it to others. Join us for definitions of the lingo, an overview of the elements common to all cohousing communities, and an introduction to some exciting cohousing projects in progress.

If your community would like to participate in the Community Launch program for forming communities or the Community Partnership program for established communities, each of which offers the benefit of ALL community members attending and having access to recordings to ALL six of the online events in 2021 including this one, please contact Karin BEFORE registering. [email protected]

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